Master The Art Of Internet Marketing

Is your business suffering from a lack of leads, customers, and revenue? If your business is still surviving after the first five years, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Because almost 50% of all new United States companies will disappear after their first five years in business. That in itself is a sobering thought to think of all the time, money, and hope simply lost after only five years. One of the biggest problems facing new companies is getting their name out to customers. It is estimated that some businesses will spend upwards of 15% of their sales simply on advertising their brand. For a new startup, that is a high percentage to have to spend now.

However, the majority of these businesses are focusing on traditional advertising methods. They are using print ads, radio and television spots, and even billboards. If a new company is looking to succeed in the digital age, they must focus on internet marketing. Internet marketing is much more cost-effective and enables a business to reach their targeted audience more effectively. Boynton Beach SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to get your website ranked higher on the search engines & get more sales.

The Dawning of the Digital Age

While many people think that advertising online is relatively new to began back in 1978. Back then it was a simple advertisement that was sent via electronic mail. However, the idea was born, and it would soon begin to flourish. Advertisers began to realize the potential of the internet in 1994 as large-scale spam messages became more commonplace. While the majority of these advertisements circulated through USENET newsgroups, they would eventually make their way to commercial online services. What advertisers realized at this point was as much easier to get an individual’s attention, and it was cheap.

A Cost Effective Solution

One of the largest benefits of internet marketing for small business is it is a much more cost-effective marketing method than any physical entity. A retailer is no longer confined to have to keep a brick-and-mortar store. They do not have to hire staff to keep physical inventory on hand anymore. A business that is created solely for the internet may cost at most $1000, and that is at the extreme high-end. For individuals on a shoestring budget, you may be able to start with under $100. Now consider that an average start up is approximate $30,000, it is quite understandable why more people are opening up internet businesses.

For individuals who already own company, the internet has opened up a wide range of advertising platforms. It is entirely possible to get thousands of visitors to your website for pennies. Of course, depending upon your niche and competition costs may be considerably higher. However, internet marketing is a much more cost-effective solution than physical advertising.

A Global Audience

In the past, a small business was forced to settle for the clients and customers in their local area. Internet marketing has enabled any company to compete on a global level. It has never been so easy to have access to millions of people at one time. By using pay per click advertisements, it is possible to target individuals in Florida, China, Australia, and even Tanzania. Every ad that is placed can be specifically targeted to people in a geographic location.

These ads have the ability to work for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once an ad is found to be working particularly useful, it can be scaled up and used to bring in more leads. This offers the opportunity to put in an unlimited amount of customers and money. That is the ultimate endgame for any company.

A Social Impact

As the internet has changed over the years so too has internet marketing. Social media has become a daily part of almost everyone’s life. Individuals tend to stay on their tablets, smartphones, and laptops a good portion of the day. They share information, tweet messages, and post pictures. The more time people are spending online, the more money they are spending online. Businesses that have a strong social media presence have been able to increase their sales by about 5%. This is simply done by sharing information and advertising on popular social media sites.

Another aspect of social media is it can give a voice and a personality to an otherwise dull business. Companies have found that is more profitable to let loose on social media. It is entirely possible to get millions of visitors to the website from one simple viral post. This is 100% free advertising, and it happens to businesses every single day.

As advertising costs and retail spaces continue to increase, more businesses are going to find a home through internet marketing. It is a much more cost-effective solution that enables a business to communicate with customers all around the world and build a strong social presence. It is time to take advantage of these benefits of internet marketing and allow your business to grow and flourish. You can always hire an internet marketing expert to assist you if need.